Back to Work? Welcome your visitors with Pre-Appointment Solution



Back to office and run business as usual?

It must be challenging to keep the business on-going during this pandemic.

One thing for sure, it is important to minimize direct contact between employees

with visitors and visitors with visitors.

CALMS Pre-Appointment Solution allows your visitors to schedule their appointment in advance

from their home or office before walk in to your building.


You may be able to pre-screen your visitors with customized questionnaire and compulsory

document upload to keep your building secure and employees safe.


The solution get your visitor to check in with mobile phone by scanning the QR code.

Welcome your visitors with touchless and safe way

Contactless & touchless registration for visitors

Web portal to pre-book appointment

Encrypted dynamic or static QR code

Helps you with contact tracing of visitors coming to your premise

Customized health declaration questionnaires

Upload compulsory documents for verification

Synchronize with calendar for reminder

Integrated with facility booking

Real time visitor logs

With this system you can monitor your and you know exactly

who is in the building at any day, anytime,

at the same time provide a standard way to register visitors in a safe environment.


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