How Our Solution Could Help You to Stay Safe at Workplace from Coronavirus?


The Wuhan coronavirus is a new strain of virus that’s sweeping across China and spreading to other parts of the world. Even though World Health Organization {WHO) has issued a global health emergency over the outbreak, the business should run as usual.

Therefore, to ensure our workplace is safe and healthy, we have to prevent the spread of a contagious illness or disease through pre-screening your visitors and guests before they enter your premise. With our CALMS Self-Service Visitor kiosk, visitors able to self-check in and notify the host immediately upon arrival.

Before they proceed with registration, we do add the element where all visitors must declare their travel history &activity especially all travel to/from China in the past 14 days. It also extends to themselves and the immediate household members. They must also declare if any of their household members have been issued a quarantine order.

Through this pre-screening initiative, it helps to protect your workspace & employees from the communicable diseases. However, we encourage you to also wash your hand often, cover your mouth when you cough, or sneeze with a tissue and throw the tissue in the trash. Clean and disinfect frequently.

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