Creating an Effective Secure and Safety Workplace during COVID-19 Training


Around the world people are worried about COVID-19 pandemic.
It has impacted the society, economy and businesses.

As most of organizations currently re-open, necessary precautionary measures
must be taken at workplace to protect your people.

But, what are the effective secure & safety methods to protect
your workplace during this global health issue?

Start with your lobby! Knowing who is in your building for effective worplace security and safety.
Join us in 2 days training (100% HRDF claimable) to find out more on how you could transform your workplace for a safer and secure environment :

The training will be happening at your convenience DATE and TIME per company online or on-site.

You may send up to 10 personnels in your company and entitle to get 1x FREE Visitor Management System.


Reserve your seat TODAY at or call us at 019 313 2877.

See you at the training!