How ELECTRONIC MEAL REDEMPTION SYSTEM (eMeRS)Improve The Efficiency of Your Organization?

| POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 30 OCTOBER 2018

Staff perks such as shuttle services, medical and meal subsidy are regularly being offered to employees to promote employees retention.For the meal subsidy benefits, most companies are using meal vouchers or coupons as mode of redemption. This present a challenge to issue the vouchers and track it manually which is prone to human error.With Electronic Meal Redemption System (eMeRS), you can remove the risk of error through an automated meal plan system. Here are top 5 reasons to get eMeRS for your organization today!

1.Eliminates the usage of coupons and meal vouchers with cashless system

Manage the entire process of meal subsidy with the flash of the existing staff ID without any vouchers, coupons or cash.

2. Reducing company expenses

eMeRS will help to reduce your operation cost by eliminating voucher printing, manual tracking and other inefficiencies. Now meal allowance can be managed through a centralized system without the use of unnecessary materials, staff IDs can be used in place of coupons and vouchers.

3.Improve lunch experience

Employees no longer have to deal with the hassle of losing or forgetting to bring their vouchers and checking with the system again just to have subsidised meal. Instead, now they can just flash their IDs! Thus, transaction can be processed at faster pace and improve your lunch experience.

4. Support various types of subsidies

With eMeRS, you can have your subsidy in daily, weekly and monthly basis – flexible to customize according to your organization policy.

5. Minimize potential revenue leaks

eMeRS keeps information such as staff redemptions, total transactions, date, time as well as preferred food and beverages into the system. With such information you can track all the data easily from the system, minimizing potential revenue leaks and losses as a result of poor reporting.

Numerous corporations in Malaysia have already implemented eMeRS as their smart solution to improve their organization efficiency. Ready to transform your organization with eMeRS?