International School in Malaysia Choose Thermal Temperature Scanner

|POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 20  JULY 2020

Most of Private & International School Malaysia is currently re-opening their school by installing CALMS Auto Thermal Temperature Scanner to prepare their school to welcome students and staff. The thermal scanner has been placed at the main entrance where students, parents, staff will pass through the hallway to enter the school. The beauty of adopting this solution, it helps to read temperature in group accurately without having to stop them one-by-one.


CALMS Auto Thermal Temperature Scanner is the latest technology that takes full advantage of 50mK dual sensor from Thermal Radiometry – Thermal and Optical Lens, to detect and identify the temperature within the range of -40 to +550°c. Any heat emitted will be captured and high temperature detected will comes with notifications from the device or via mobile app. The notifications then will help to alert security guard on the abnormal temperature.

With this solution, it allows to measure temperature for everyone at different heights. You don’t have to adjust the height of the device in order to read people’s temperature. For school, you can place this system at the main entrance, assembly hall or even main walkaway in your compound. Those who walk towards the device will be measure within a distance of 10 meters that can promote social distancing.

Every temperature captured will be automatically recorded in the system and available to sync to mobile application, Telegram. It comes in handy to make it easy for school to refer to it anytime anywhere. Since the launch of this solution, CALMS has been aggressively helping businesses in various industries resume their operations efficiently while adhering to government SOP.


  • Temperature reading between -40c to +550c
  • Dual sensor : Thermal & Optical Lens
  • Capable of detection in complete darkness through smoke/ smog
  • No glare from strong sources of light (such as headlights, handheld lamps)
  • Detection of hotter than average body parts
  • Equipped with speaker alert warning

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