MOBOTIX Auto Temperature Scanning & Fever Detection With Mobile App

With the recent outbreak contagious diseases and virus pandemic, installing thermal screening and detection camera system is the first step to keep your valuable employees safe. The solution pre-screen visitors and employees temperature accurately before entering the premises.

Our intelligent thermographic camera takes full advantage of 50mK dual sensor from Thermal Radiometry – Thermal and Optical Lens, to detect and identify the temperature within the range of -40 to +550°c. Any heat emitted by individuals is accurately screen by the thermal cameras.

In case temperature above 37°c is captured, notifications will be sent to mobile app while at the same time alarm will also notify security guard with the detail of temperature and suspected visitors visual in colour.


Integrated with Visitor Management System, People Counting System and Time Attendance

Value added module to keep track visitor temperature status in every visitor visits

Restrict Visitor with high temperature to check-in

Alert supervisor through email or mobile app with visitor photo and temperature measurement

Auto-detector with alerts and notifications

Quick and simple implementation

Affordable cost

Data sharing

Real time report


Take precaution measure TODAY to protect your employees and visitors