Cashless Payment at School Helps During Pandemic

|POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 13 JULY 2021

Due to pandemic, the world is moving away from cash. Online payment and cashless are becoming the new normal and play a big part in schools adapting their operations to meet the digital demand. From school fees, dining at the canteen, payment activities, coop transaction, all the processes have to change significantly.
Cashless system in school enable parents to pay school fee online, order their kid’s meal in advance, monitor transactions live from the parent portal and app. The pre-order meal solution offers flexibility to school to deliver the meal to student in class or get students to redeem at the canteen efficiently.

Parent pre-order meal

2 School receive & manage order

3 Canteen Operator prepare the meal

A Students redeem meal at canteen

B Deliver the meal to classroom

For school, it is vital to ensure the environment is risk-free for students. Thus, having cashless system helps to protect students and staffs. Full integration with the school management system gives schools more control over resources allocation and streamlining school operations. School is able to track live transactions and financial reporting through one portal. Contact us for more info at