Checklist Before Re-Opening Your School for Safer Environment

|POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 13 JULY 2021

COVID-19 take the world by surprise. Shutting down schools and universities globally.
Cashless system in school enable parents to pay school fee online, order their kid’s meal in advance, monitor transactions live from the parent portal and app. The pre-order meal solution offers flexibility to school to deliver the meal to student in class or get students to redeem at the canteen efficiently.
Nothing is important than the health and safety of students, educators and school community during this challenging time. Planning for the re-opening of the school in new normal while keeping everyone safe is a top priority.
Schools will have to take swift and decisive action to be well prepared in welcoming students back to school. We are here to provide recommended checklist before you re-opening your school for your consideration.
Not only that, you have to ensure all parents have access to Parent App or Portal where appropriate to keep a clear channel of communication with them.
Schools re-opening will allow students to learn, connect and play with their friends again. That’s our objective. We can meet unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 while ensuring a safe, welcoming and academically rigorous return to school. Together we rebuild back our education system for better generations. For more info, visit