Welcome Your Students with CALMS Pandemic Pack

|POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 13 JULY 2021

1. Are you ready to welcome your students back to school?

2 . Have you take any pre-cautions to protect your students ?

3. Is your existing procedure comply with Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) ?

CALMS Pandemic School Pack
to protect your students and comply with SOP in the NEW NORMAL.
You can now automates and digitalize your school facilities
for a safe place to learn.

The solution comes with :

1. Automated Contactless Facial Recognition for Temperature Scanning

2. Smart Touchless Attendance

3. Parent Mobile Application for centralized communication and online fee payment

4. Meal Pre-Ordering Application

With this solution, it helps you to reopen the school by taking automated temperature and attendance with contactless facial recognition. All the announcements and payment details can be done through parent mobile application and student collect their meals at the canteen with pre-ordering application. With only RM5/student per year, you can now reduce the risk of illness and get your students back to school safely.
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