ONE ID to Amplify Smart & Cashless School Environment

| POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 31 OCTOBER 2018

A smart school is not just about ICT intervention in its curriculum but also extends a technology savvy environment to offer a holistic and an enriching learning experience.As we move towards a cashless society, many schools have started looking for innovative technology to eliminate the usage of cash in the school environment. However, have you ever wonder what does a smart & cashless school looks like?Let’s take a look!

1. Security & safety with one card, access control

Students, staffs and teachers will be issued an ID (whether in card, wristband, fingerprint or mobile) with contactless technology for identification. The ID works as an individual credential to securely access the school compound. The system is integrated with door access control, only granting access to those with proper credentials or permission.

2. Cashless Transactions at Canteen and Bookshop

The ID issued to students and staffs also works as an e-wallet within school compound, such as purchasing food, beverages at the canteen or books and stationaries at the bookstore. The ID can be topped up via top up kiosk, counter top up and online banking. With the access to school parent portal, parents on the can also enjoys the convenience of paying school fee through online banking or through debit or credit card. Every transaction will be automatically captured and they can track the payment details digitally. For school, no reconciliation with the bank is needed, everything can be accessed through online school portal.

3. Smart Time Attendance

Manual attendance taking by calling students one by one or through signing on the attendance sheet can be eliminated. With the same ID card issued, it can be used to capture time attendance to ensure timely and accurate attendance captured the moment they enter the school.

4. Parent and Bus Pick Up

The same smart ID will enable parents to receive real-time notifications and alerts on the student’s whereabouts. Thus, parents will be granted peace of mind knowing that their kids have embarked or disembarked the school bus safely. With this also, students can be notified when their parents have arrived to pick them up. This not only ensures the safety of the student but also a smooth pick up and drop off process.

5. Centralized system with real time report

All student and staff information will be organized and stored in a database which allows for easy access by the right authorities. Such information include each transaction and access made with the smart ID card issued which is recorded in real-time. Through this centralized system, parents can also receive a full report of their kids’ performance in school including expenses, attendance and so on. This centralized cashless system also provide the tools for schools to reduce time spent on financial administration.

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