Smarter. Convenience. Safety School

| POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 17 MARCH 2017

Event Title : Smarter. Convenience. Safety School

Date : 15 March 2017

Time : 8.30am – 1.00pm

Venue : Puri Denpasar Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

CALMS Technologies teams up with Mediatek Solution and MATRADE to organize a seminar for smart card solution to cater for education sector in Indonesia. Attended by more than 20 public and private education institutions in Jakarta, CALMS presented EDUPurS, a solution to enable seamless cashless experience with ONE CARD. Not limited to cashless transaction, the ONE CARD also integrates with access control to protect students and improve school safety and security.

During the seminar, all participants were able to experience EDUPurS system LIVE where we issued ID card with photos and participant’s details. The ID card can be used for all the solutions presented such as parent pick up, bus attendance system, time attendance, purchase meal or stationaries with POS system, access to online portal and many more. All the systems are packaged into ALL-IN-ONE solution package to create smarter infrastructures for successive generations.

The innovative technology and solution provides a clear path to create safe, secure and cost-effective school or campus management.