Staff Attendance & Contactless Temperature Scanning Solution

| POST BY : ADMIN | ON 30 April 2020

What is your safety procedure for your employees after Movement Control Order (MCO) ended?

► How your employee’s attendance will be taken?

► Will you be using body thermometer to scan your staff?

► Is long queue a common occurrence at your main entrance?

► How do you help social distancing?

Let us help you implementing temperature screening in protecting your premise and employees.

Practicing social distancing while taking attendance and

temperature checking with gunpoint thermometer has become a new line of defence against the coronavirus.

However, the manual process require extra manpower, causing a long queue and no records for references or audit.

To ensure smooth and convenient experience for your employees, the attendance system

will be integrated with temperature device. The infrared device detects employees identification,

body temperature and prompt notifications if high temperature is detected.

The self-service scanning is done in less than few seconds without having additional manpower

or causing a long queue to ensure smoother process especially in a high traffic building.

How It Works

Basic precautions and protective measures must be taken to protect your valuable employees and environment.

The system works best in any environment that requires security and temperature monitoring :

Leave it to us while you’re back to business as usual with peace of mind.

Choose Auto Attendance &Temperature Scanning Monitoring solution today!

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