Attendance & temperature monitoring solution designed to capture employee attendance and real time temperature by taking the advantage of contactless infrared device in providing safer environment.

It will pre-screen visitors and employees temperature accurately without having direct contact to the visitors. It offers a wider temperature reading where it measure each and every visitor temperature accurately and alert the security guard if high temperature is detected.


  • Scanner show temperature, stroke light will turn red if high temperature is detected
  • High accuracy and precision on temperature reading
  • Auto-detector with alerts and notifications
  • Alert supervisor through email or mobile app with Visitor
  • Photo and temperature measurement
  • Restrict individual with high temperature from entering your premise
  • Data export in Microsoft Excel, PDF format

Contactless facial recognition with temperature check

Integrated with Visitor Management System, Time Attendance and Access Control

Detection up to 5 moving persons at 4 meters with social distancing

Fast temperature reading with less than 0.7 seconds

Dual face live scan with 99.7% accuracy

Support wired, wireless (2.4G Wi-Fi)

Take precaution measure TODAY to protect your employees and visitors