Why do you need visitor management for your premise?

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Register your visitor with traditional log book? How accurate is your visitor’s information captured with the logbook? Is it safe to keep the info visible to anyone?If all the situations are familiar to you, here is the reason why you need a visitor management system, ViMS, a system to track your visitor efficiently at your premise. ViMS brings tremendous value to your organizations by taking your visitor registration process into the next level. Let’s run down to the reason why ViMS is your smart move :

1. Quick & easy sign in – good company image

Welcome your visitor with quick and easy sign in & sign out. The system allows visitors to effortlessly with a scan of their ID into the system and check-in within seconds. It shorten the time taking for each visitor registration. When it’s convenient to the visitor, it’ll bring a professional image to your company.

2. Protect your premises (Safety)

When you register your visitor using the system, it will auto-capture important info accurately including photo. You can identify and ensure the blacklisted visitor banned from entering your premise. Not limited to that, ViMS also will alert overstay visitors and manage access to individual visitors.

3. Real time report for easy reference

Visitor information will be stored in the database, make it easier for you to search, sort, analyze and retrieve visitor data at any time frame. The data comes with number of visitor signing in, signing out, overstay, blacklist and many more. In the emergency at your site requiring a roll call, you’ll be able to tell exactly who was on-site with the evacuation report.

4. Data protection

Using traditional log book for registration let your visitor information visible to other visitors. In the era where confidential and security is the key, visitors will appreciate a system that keep their information safely. Implementing ViMS for your premise will help you to keep your visitor information confidentially and securely.

5. SMS and Email Notifications

Visitor no longer has to look for the host manually. ViMS will send SMS or email notifications to notify the arrival of their visitors. It’s easy to see how the ViMS create a better experience for your visitors.

With ViMS, your visitor sign in and sign out is a breeze. Ready to transform your visitor experience?

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Visitor Management On-Demand takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into the hands of your organization; ensuring you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.