Why online health checks and digital safety briefing important for your workplace?


Why online health checks and digital safety briefing important for your workplace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reimagine our day to day routines. Face to face interactions and group gatherings are discouraged for fear of viral transmissions. What does that mean for business owners, employers, and their operations?

Increasingly, companies are encouraged to automate and digitized their operations. Meetings and in-person training or briefings are now being brought online. This shift seemed to be further accelerated by COVID-19. Traditional methods require participants or employees to be physically present at an assigned venue. This comes with the hassle of having to block out specific time slots and coordinating travel arrangements for the participants. Sometimes even finding a suitable venue is an issue for the organizers.

For manufacturing companies with plants and offices with a long list of people on the call sheets, as well as high traffic flow in and out of the premises, this shift can be rather beneficial. One of the most frequent training employed in the manufacturing industry would be safety briefings. Each individual to enter the premises should be adequately briefed about the safety procedures and the possible risks they might face. With the risk of COVID-19 at an all-time high, the safety briefings now have an added layer of importance.

What now?

Our Visitor Management System (ViMS) has a Digital Safety Briefing feature that allows employees to deploy safety briefings in the most efficient way possible.


Why ViMS for Safety Briefings?


Traditional briefings require time-consuming facilitation, extra human resources, and tedious coordination. Deploying such briefings online remove the need for that, instead the briefings can be done anywhere and at any time through participants’ smart devices.

Standardized delivery for higher efficacy

Delivery of safety briefings through traditional means is liable to human error, dependent on the skill, method of delivery and mood of the instructor on that specific day. By digitizing the briefings, such errors can be omitted. Employers can now ensure that the right message will be delivered as the content can be standardized and the delivery method will be consistent as well.


Running the safety briefings digitally eliminates the need for instructors or facilitators, and utilization of venue saving the cost needed to be set aside for that.


The Digital Safety Briefing feature allows enrolment of safety briefings over the counter or with QR Code scanning. The individual will then be able to go through the briefing anywhere and anytime convenient to them.

Easy tracking

The system will also automatically tracked against expiry. The individual will have to re-enroll for the safety briefing, allowing employers to track each employees’ training status easily. Each visitor of the premise, be it frequent (employees) or infrequent (contractors, delivery persons, sanitization or cleaning crew, clients, etc.), will only be granted access if they have a valid safety briefing.

COVID-19 safe practices

This cost-effective way is also ideal in the time of the pandemic to reduce unnecessary human contact and gathering.

What about workplace safety in COVID-19?

Strict Employee Health Check System

Before entry is allowed, each employee will need to update their daily health declaration through QR code scanning or a dedicated URL link. This is integrated with Facial Recognition to automatically capture temperature data to verify the health declaration done, before entry is allowed.

Visitor Health Check & Management

As for the occasional visitors, their contact details with temperature data will be registered along with their health declaration checks through the same system before access is granted. There will be an auto alert that prohibits access for visitors with abnormal temperatures or incomplete health declaration forms. ViMS can also help minimize overcrowding on the premises by limiting the number of visitors allowed.

Vehicle & Job Order Verification

For manufactures with a large number of vehicles entering their premises daily, ViMS also has a feature for vehicle matching and job order verification for the driver. This feature is integrated with a warehouse management system with a batch input feature of the expected vehicle or driver and which loading bay to go to. Upon job completion, the person-in-charged can inform or dismiss the driver or any relevant individual with a simple tap of a card. This provides an added layer of security for the premise, ensuring only vetted visitors are allowed entry. The whole process is also automated to minimize the need for human interaction.

In a pandemic where human contact and face to face interactions increase the risk of viral transmission, digitizing and automating your daily operations is the ideal solution. Adapting to the new norms may not be an easy task, with the right services and tools such as the Visitor Management System, it can be made easier. Transform your workplace today with CALMS Technologies. Find out more at or email us at