Why Visitor Management System is Important For Your Organization?

| POST BY : ADMIN | ON : 31 OCTOBER 2018

Register your visitor with traditional log book?
Concern on the accuracy of your visitor’s information captured in the logbook?
Visitors information visible to others?
If all the situations are familiar to you, here are the reasons why you need a visitor management system (ViMS), a system that manages your visitor sign in and out in most convenient and cost effective way for your organization :

1. Quick and easy sign in, sign out

Convenience is key. Cut short the time and hassle for each visitor registration! ViMS allows visitors to check-in within seconds with just a scan of their ID.

2. For safety and security

With ViMS all important visitor info is captured automatically during registration, including their photo. You can easily identify blacklisted visitors and prevent them from entering your premise. ViMS will also alert overstayed visitors and manage access granted to individual visitors, ensuring they can only enter certain area of your premise.

3. Monitor & track your visitor

Visitor information will be stored in the database. It is easily accessible for you to search, sort, analyse and retrieve visitor data at any time frame. The database includes number of visitors signed in, signed out, overstayed, blacklisted and many more. In the event of an emergency, requiring roll call, you’ll be able to tell exactly who was on-site with the evacuation report. Not only that ViMS also notifies the host, through SMS or email notifications, of the arrival of their visitors.

4. Report and data protection is keep in the system

Traditional log books for registration make it so that visitor information is visible to others. In the era where privacy of personal information is highly regarded, it is important to keep all information safe. Implementing ViMS will ensure the confidentiality and security of your visitor information. All information is kept in a secure system only visible to those who has access to the system. .

5. Positive and professional first impression to visitors

ViMS brings tremendous value to your organizations by taking your visitor registration, tracking and information storage process to the next level. With such smooth integration, no doubt visitors will have a positive first impression of your organization effectively elevating your professional image.

By implementing this must-have system, your organization can eliminate manual and tedious registration steps and improving your company security and visitor experience.Switch your logbook to smart visitor management system now!Ready for a hassle-free visitor experience?