Why Your School Needs Pre-Order Meal Solution for Your Students?


As schools are re-opening from the pandemic lockdown,

pre-order meal solution is available to offer flexibility

to deliver the meal to student in class or get students

to redeem at the canteen.


With this in place, school can eliminate students from queuing

at the canteen or cafeteria and at the same time

protect them from the risk of contagious diseases.

Not only that, school needs to provides pre-order meal experience for students where you can :

Reduce the food wastage and associated cost

✔️ Pre-ordering school meals will reduce the food wastage and associated cost as the cafeteria provider will only provide the exact numbers of meal portions for that day

Parents track their children’s meal intake online

✔️ With pre-order meal solution, it allows parents to choose and track their children’s meal intake anywhere at any time

Reducing meal queuing time

✔️ Queues are the biggest problem in the school canteen. With the current pandemic and the SOPs imposed by the MOE, it is important for us to teach students to keep their physical distancing from each other. The lunch time rush will be reduced massively as students get to redeem their pre-order meal at the counter or have it deliver to the classroom.

Minimize reconciliation process time

✔️ For school admin, you can manage the menu, payment term and reconciliation in a centralized portal. All the records and insights are available in digital format.

Healthier food selection

✔️ Recent study reveals that student who pre-ordered their meal in advance tend to choose a healthier selection as we eliminate their sensory cues. It leads them to a hasty and potentially less healthy choices. Pre-ordering could also pre-empt hunger based and spontaneous decision

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