With the recent outbreak contagious diseases and virus pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) , installing Contactless Infrared Temperature Measurement system is the first step to ensure your premise and employees safe.

The solution measure visitors and employees temperature from a distance accurately before entering your premises. Our intelligent infrared system takes full advantage of identifying the temperature between 32℃ – 45℃ with the measurement distance up to 1m. Built in stroke lights will show the colors based on temperature which :

Red colour – High temperature

Green colour – Normal

Temperature emitted by individuals is accurately capture and will be integrated with CALMS Visitor Management System whether they allowed to check in. It also comes with alert notifications through email and mobile app for the visitors with beyond normal temperature to the security guard together with visitor’s photo and temperature measurement. The centralized system will keep the data digitally and provides easy access to the comprehensive reports.


Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Time Attendance

Stand alone device


Measurement range 32℃~45℃
Measurement accuracy 0.5℃
Measurement distance 0.1m ~ 0.5m 0.1m ~ 0.5m
Pixel 32*24
Alarm status sound and light alarm
Power supply DC 24 V
Power rating 15W
Size: W*L*T 168mm*220mm*54mm
Measurement environment 20℃℃~+50


Case Study

Contactless Infrared Temperature Measurement overview

Take precaution measure TODAY to protect your employees and visitors